You are currently viewing iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 ProMax Latest Design and Specification Leaks.

iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 ProMax Latest Design and Specification Leaks.

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Hey, what’s up guys we are again here, it has been an insane week of Apple leaks just and I think I’m getting on top of the news even more come out. But we took our time to craft our renders and I hope you like our best yet okay so let’s get into it the iPhone 12 pro design has leaked this is it its final form confirmed by multiple sources of Mac’s wine back John Prosser several other sources.

 I have do confirm that this is legit so this leak originated from an iOS 14 early build from concept iPhone and then later by fudge a twitter leaker and has been confirmed by multiple sources to be correct Apple is in the final stages of prototyping and this is an instruction manual for the upcoming iPhone depicting that new light sensor and how Apple will be equipping their upcoming 20/20 iPhone line-up with this sensor so I just wanted to say we weren’t too far off the only difference between our concept was the lidar sensor is even larger than that of the iPad Pro which is not surprising Apple wants their iPhones to be the most capable and considering the iPad pro lenses themselves are smaller it makes sense that the light sensor on the iPad Pro would also be smaller I say it looks cool.

I mean only logical that Apple would move forward in this direction and the center flash was correct even the microphone mounted in between the lenses on the bottom was correct surprisingly and I wouldn’t even be surprised if this is how it does look on the inside based on the new iPad pro camera housing that this one would look very similar with a 3d time-of-flight on the bottom right it’s hard to tell if this graphic confirms a boxy design the iPhone 4 like design that Ming Chikuo confirmed for this year’s iPhones as it is a 2d image but I would like to think that it does in a separate report today Jon Prosser confirmed that Apple is very close to the finalization of their iPhone 12 line-up he shared this graphic with the details inside so the lower-end 5.4 inch and 6.1 inch iPhones will be aluminum-based the larger 6.1 and 6.2 inches iPhone 12 Pro models will remain stainless steel.

All will have a smaller notch and by the way the not you’re seeing in our concepts this is based on the earlier iPhone 11 Pro from January 15th which was one of the ones Apple was considering it had this exact same notch there so it’s the most accurate look at what a notch could look like if Apple were to make it smaller which John Prosser is saying Apple will be doing as earlier predicted only the high-end 6.1 and 6.2 12 pros will have the additional lighter sensor and three cameras the two lower-end models will not have three cameras and a light sensor only dual lenses I personally wouldn’t even be surprised if Apple kept a rounded design on the lower end 5.4 and 6.1 inch iPhones and introduced that steely boxy look for the 6.1 at six point seven inches that would be a pretty cool way to differentiate a pro and non-pro device.

John confirms that we might be seeing the final cads within one to two months here that’s very exciting we did get those around May June for the iPhone 11 pro and all the case makers can start working directly off of those calves and speaking of cads wanted to share our latest graphics with you we just filed our second design patent for our lock mount magnet system honestly so exciting seeing the entire process and how it looks making the graphics very excited about the future of the ecosystem of magnetic products on our case for everyone that pre-ordered we’re making good headway.

But as you know we pushed our launch frame up into May due to the Covid-19 so stay tuned for updates on that mentions that because apple is done with the prototyping there are only about two months behind on release so we’ll be seeing a staggered release likely October November but it should still happen this year for the iPhone 12 Series and a few other leaks from the fudged Twitter leaker he says that the Apple a 14 chip code name is firestorm pretty cool sounding not what it’ll be called just the development name and fudge confirms that b38 9 is indeed an ear tag placeholder development name shared this screenshot with us so he does have access to the iOS 14 leaked.

Build adding even more credence to the fact that that leaked of the iPhone 12 Pro was correct a 905 Mac has published an exclusive iPhone SE report which I must say take with a grain of salt as a certain aspect of it was not right and that was the release time frame they said that would happen on Friday the iPhone SE not release on Friday and of course the naming they did confirm would be the iPhone SE 2020 and not iPhone 9 that we’ve been hearing I honestly like the idea of Apple relinquishing iPhone SE and then 2020 would be the moniker explaining the iPhone SE from the older version.

9 to 5 Mac confirms that we’ll be seeing three colors for this new iPhone SE one being product red which I love the idea of if Apple would have a theme this as the iPhone 8 style product red the iPhone SE 2020 would look incredible glossy nice black elements I would love to see something like this and considering it’s being based on the iPhone 8 I’m sure that Apple could do something similar I just hope they keep a black front and not a white screen other colors include white and black a 9 to 5 Mac confirms the storage sizes which would be 64, 128 and 256 gigabytes 9 to 5 Mac does not know the pricing for this upcoming iPhone SE earlier we heard three hundred and ninety-nine dollars starting price speculated at four hundred and forty-nine so it’ll be somewhere around the four hundred dollar mark now 9 to 5 Mac does not know the immediate launch date.

 It’s been rumored by John Prosser that it would be happening on the 14th or the 15th of this month with an actual release date on the 22nd and there have been a ton of listings all around Virgin Mobile Verizon even on the official Apple site we saw a couple of listings one for a screen protector that directly references the iPhone SE and an Apple care listing so we know it’s happening imminently possibly on the 14th or 15th of this month, okay and some juicy iOS 14 leaks this is coming from dongle Book Pro a leaker known to max wine back and he shared the wallpaper interface for iOS 14 it looks incredible so Apple is making several changes in the wallpaper area of iOS 14 first off they’re starting new wallpaper collections or there will be grouping wallpapers in certain categories such as earth and moonflowers and classic stripes users will be able to scroll through those collections to find wallpapers easier also there’s a new gradient option.

 Apple is including some sort of default gradients in iOS 14 awesome and it appears that Apple is finally giving you some sort of flexibility in customization of the home screen similar to that the way you would customize your Apple watch with a feature called home screen appearance 9 to 5 Mac is reporting on this that it would theoretically allow you to add widgets which you can then move around and interact with I wonder how similar it would be to the jailbreak tweak iOS blocks a long-time favorite honestly very intuitive you’d be able to pinch and zoom certain widgets.

 But apparently Apple will be doing something with the widgets on the home screen in iOS 14 could this be the year we finally see some major changes to the home screen probably not earlier John Prosser regarding WWDC did say we’re likely to see several slated releases one for the Apple over-ear headphones and by the way, Mac’s wine back in a separate report is saying Apple was originally aiming for a $300 price tag for these headphones but because of the outbreak and the production issues they were forced to raise it from between 320 to 360 dollars.

So I’m guessing we’ll see a 349 dollar price tag on those and processor confirms air tags are slated for WWDC he also mentions that we’ll be seeing a refresh for the 13-inch MacBook Pro he speculates that it’s very possible we could see a 14 inch display on this new MacBook Pro but at the very least it will be a spec bump featuring Intel’s latest tenth generation processors and speaking of Intel has just announced its new tenth generation Intel processors they say it’s the fastest mobile processor in the world exceeding the five gigahertz boost speed to 5.3 gigahertz it’s a very minor spec bump I’m just glad that Apple will finally be adding Wi-Fi 6 to their flagship back book I’d also like this to be apples last Intel processor in their flagship MacBook before their own ARM processor which is rumoured for later this year or early next year and regarding air tags Apple had a little oopsie as someone uploaded a video on their support channel directly referencing air tags in that video Apple quickly remove that and that basically confirms air tags is the official name I don’t know if any of you remember this but last year Mac’s Hawaiian Bank reported that Apple is working on iPhones that work underwater and with rain or just liquid on the display in general now a new patent application details .

Apple is still pursue this and not only are they working on an iPhone that works underwater they want it to work even better with a custom interface apparently Apple is designing some sort of wet mode or underwater mode where you’ll be able to take your iPhone underwater operate it and have an entirely new interface that is simpler and easier to use especially considering the fact that you’re underwater you don’t want to be fumbling with all these little controls it’ll be using vibrations and an easier interface to make your life easier as someone that lives in the Pacific Northwest this is a very welcome feature for me I’d love to see an iPhone that doesn’t freak out with just a little bit of rain on it even in this day and age there are still some scary bugs being found on the iPhone one being an exploit that gained access to the camera on the iPhone using seven exploits daisy chained together and Apple paid out seventy five thousand dollars to get it it’s scary that it only costs that much money to theoretically gain control of someone’s camera how do you sold this exploit to the wrong hands.

So, guys thanks for reading this article if you like something about the upcoming leaks of the iPhone 12, then please comment below and also make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to get updated for the latest updates from us. See you again with another great information till then Goodbye!

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