Tech behind Displays. Different types of Displays Explained.

Tech behind Displays. Different types of Displays Explained.

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It is also important to know about the types of mobile display screen, when we want to get a new smartphone, many people when they go to buy new phones or buy online, they would like to see the features of mobile and look at the camera processor and looks. While the most used thing in the phone is the display itself, if the display is not good then you will not get good experience in video, gaming, next time when you go to get a new smartphone, also see what kind of display is for you.

Today, different types of displays have come in the market (different mobile display types), due to which some people are in this confusion which types of mobile display screen to take a smartphone, these displays are used for TV, laptop, computer, mobile phone, iPad, digital watch, smartwatch and many other products,

So today we will tell all the mobile display types in Hindi in full detail and we will tell only those displays which are used in most smartphones or are very popular in today’s time.

All best types of mobile display screen are:-

LCD (liquid crystal display)

It is very important to have these three things in any kind of display, first of all, a light to illuminate the display so that the display can be seen and second colors it will show you the colors in the display if the colors are not there then the whole screen Will appear white or black, so it is very important to have colors in the display and the third thing is how to control the light and colors,

How the LCD display works, just like the name of LCD seems to be from liquid crystal that it will be in liquid form, but it does not happen that LCD display neither has the properties nor the liquid properties between them. It has a property similar to that of crystalline solid, in which the arrangement of molecules is found in a particular pattern,

The liquid crystal is not fixed to any shape nor is it solid. Liquid crystals are of many types nematic or smectic, twisted nematic is needed to see the display, because of this, when the light passes, there is a twist in the 90 ‘angle. Goes,

And we can tell you that the beam coming from the Sun is non-polerised, due to which the beam coming from the Sun appears to be crooked, if we put a vertical polerised filter between these rays then we only get to see the vertical lights,

The LCD display has a backlight with a polerised filter just above it, for example a vertical polerised filter, the lights coming out of it would be vertical but when it passed through the liquid crystal it would turn into a 90 ‘angle. gets converted into horizontal lights and then we see through the horizontal polerised filter,

But when applying voltage to the liquid crystal, the twisted mechanism stops working, due to this, the beam coming from the vertical polerised also passes in the vertical form itself and the horizontal polerised filter applied further blocks the vertical lights. Because of which the light is unable to go forward and we cannot see it,

Pixel of LCD display consists of three sub pixels, red, green, blue which together show 16m new colors, along with a color filter, due to which you can control how much light will pass by giving voltage to the pixel. And not so much

The LCD display you can see in most smartphones, it is cheaper than the Amold display and comes with good brightness. The pixels of the LCD display do not have their own light but instead have a backlight so that the Smartphone OLED display with this display Wastes more battery than.

TFT (Thin film transistor)

TFT display is a flower forum thin film transistor. This display is the next version of LCD. This display is used in earlier smartphones and today’s cheap phones because TFT display is much cheaper to see than TFT display. Due to the thickness being a bit more, the size of the mobile phone also varies.

In the pixel of the TFT display, we get to see the electrode, due to which neither good colors are seen nor good viewing angle, due to which the display does not show well when the display is tilted a bit,

With this display being cheap, the cheap quality and colors also do not show well, if you go for a new phone, then first make sure that the smartphone is not TFT display, TFT display will be a little faked and will not be able to experience the video properly. , And this display also breaks quickly. IPS-LCD (in plane switching liquid crystal display)

IPS LCD. It is a form of LCD. The same technology works in this LCD display, this display is very popular in today’s era because it is cheaper than amoled display and shows colors very natural,

While the colors in the amoled display are more boosted and over saturated, if you want to see accurate colors in your smartphone, then you should go to the IPS LCD display, this display also has a backlight, due to which in the bright rays of the sun Also, you will be able to see this display without any problems, and the view angle has also been increased, that is, when you tilt the phone a little, then you will be able to see properly,

This display also gets a little more expensive than AmoLed with cheaper and tft display and slightly less than Amold and a slightly thicker display from tft, due to which the smartphone is also slightly heavier, the down point of this display is that this backlight technology Pay works, which also costs the battery more, and shows the black color in a slightly gray color instead of black.

OLED (organic light emitting diode)

OLED display means organic light emitting diode, this display looks better colors than the above three displays, due to this it is also expensive, OLED display is thin and it has a good viewing angle,

All the displays till now used to work on LCD technology, but the mechanism is slightly different. In OLED you do not get any backlight, due to which the lighter and thinner is found.

AMOLED (active matrix organic light emitting diode)

What is amoled display in hindi? Amold display is an advanced version of OLED. Both work on the same mechanism. These displays do not have a backlight. Each of its pixels has a transistor of its own, due to which the pixels on the display are needed in the same light Let’s turn on

The rest of the lights are not needed where the pixels are not on, due to which the black colors look completely black and due to this technology, the battery consumes less,

The colors in AMOLED display are not natural but we get a little vibrant and over saturated color which is very good for our human eyes, as well as these display is very flexible and does not break quickly, if it breaks then it would be very expensive to fix. Can.

Mobile processor kya hain or processor kaise kam karta hain ?? What is Processor?


Retina Display We see Apple products in iPhone, MacBook, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, Apple calls this display as Retina Display which is just a marketing term. It is also the same screen as an IPS display in which You get more pixels,
Retina-display-iphone, types of mobile displays screen
Retina display

Apple first showed this display on the iPhone 4, which used to be 300ppi in inches, which gives it a clear view as well, due to the higher pixel density, the Retina display looks better to the eyes and does not prick the eyes. Get hot and quite expensive.


What is super amoled display in hindi? This question must have come in your mind at some time, then let us tell you that both the Super Amoled display and Amold works on the same mechanism but it provides even better colors and view angles than its ho oled and amold, In amold displays, this is also reflected in the lowest battery cost and sun rays,

This display is considered to be the best in the types of mobile display screen, as well as being expensive, it is used in most flagship smartphones. If you want to make your video, picture quality even better, then once you get a super amoled display Definitely try, its touch response is also very good.

How to choose the right display?

We have told you about many displays but still many people will be in confusion about which type of mobile display screen to take a phone, if you have such a question in your mind then do not worry we will give you according to your usage Will tell about the right display,

If you want a very cheap phone like 3000, 4000rs, then you can go for tft display because there is no other display option in this price range, in this tft display you will get a lot of experince,

If your budget is above 10k, then you go to IPS LCD because in this price range you get amoled display quite difficult, even if you get it, then the rest of its features are not good when you get a phone with good features with amoled display. So, taking that phone would be the right choice, and IPS display should be taken even when you want to see the natural color, this display gives you a better color than all the other displays that we see with our open eyes.

If you have a budget of above 25000rs, then you can go for Amoled, Super Amoled and Retina Display because all these display consumes less battery as well as vibrant colour which looks very good for the eyes.

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