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Facebook page merge trick. How to merge Facebook pages two accounts.

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How Do I Merge 2 Facebook Pages?

Source of Data Here is what Facebook says:-

If you have 2 Facebook Pages for the same thing, you may be able to merge them if:

  • You’re an admin of both Pages.
  • Your Pages have similar names and represent the same thing.
  • Your Pages have the same address, if they have physical locations.

Before you request a Page merge, please make sure that any campaigns you’re running aren’t pointing to the Page that will be deleted.

To merge your Pages:

  1. Go to
  2. Select 2 Pages you want to merge and click Continue.
  3. Click Request Merge.
merge pages

If you can’t merge your Pages, it signifies that they’re not eligible to be merged.
We’ll look into your request if you see the opportunity to consolidate your Pages.

People who like your Pages and any check-ins will be combined if they can be merged, but posts, images, reviews, ratings, and the username will be removed from the merged Page.
Except for the addition of people who like the Page and check-ins that were merged from the other Page, the Page you choose to preserve will stay unaltered.
You won’t be able to unmerge the Page you don’t wish to keep because it will be removed from Facebook.

Note: If your Pages are on Business Manager, you can go to to merge them.

How to merge pages on Facebook 2021 Easiest Way:-

The most popular social networking site is Facebook. It is not only used to keep in touch with people, but it has also evolved into a center for online advertising. Customers are drawn to Facebook groups and pages by many brands and enterprises.

Instead, Facebook pages are a way for brands and enterprises to communicate with their customers. As a result, there are a lot of pages that people like and follow on Facebook. Admins are in charge of these pages, and they have complete control over them.

Administrators may have many pages. If these pages serve the same goal, administrators should integrate them to reach a larger audience.

Admins can then aggregate both pages’ likes and check-ins into a single Facebook page. It reduces the amount of time spent on management.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about how to join Facebook pages to assist administrators. We’ve included all of the necessary details as well as easy-to-follow instructions for merging Facebook pages.

Note Before Getting Ahead: The page with fewer likes should probably be merged with the one with more. As a result, it’s important to remember that the content of the combined page will eventually be deleted. So, rather than starting the process, we recommend that you first download all of the necessary images and documents.

Preparation For Merging Facebook Page.

Only pages with similar names and that appear to represent the same thing are merged by Facebook. As a result, before merging your pages, you must make certain adjustments to them.

  • Change the page names to the same thing. Make them as similar as possible if the same isn’t achievable. Safe Tricks and Safe Trick, for example, are nearly identical and can be combined.
  • Also, comparable information should be added to the about section. This is most likely your URL, address, and description.

Case 1:-

Steps To Merge Facebook Pages With Similar Names.

Step 1. Go to the URL:
Step 2. Then, choose the two pages you want to merge.
Step 3. Click on “Merge Pages.”

Now, you will end up with a single Facebook page and combined likes as well as check-ins.

Case 2:-

Steps To Merge Facebook Pages With Different Names.

According to Facebook’s page restrictions, we can only merge pages with similar names, so if you’re attempting to merge pages with different names, you’ll be unsuccessful. Then you’ll have to make some adjustments.

Case 3:-

How to fix Pages can’t be merged Error Solution.


Solution:-This problem can be fixed by removing addresses from both pages before merging. Make careful to get rid of Map as well.


Solution:-When combining pages. When a Facebook page admits to trying to join more than 5 or 6 pages, this error happens. After then, Facebook puts a stop to automated merging. As a result, you have two options for resolving this issue.

The techniques for resolving the “pages can’t be merged” problem are listed below.

Method 1: Reduce the total number of merging pages.
If you wish to integrate many Facebook pages on a massive scale, follow the steps outlined below. The ideal technique to merge many Facebook pages is to sequentially pair Facebook pages with a comparable number of likes. Two pages with 10,000 likes, for example, can merge. The resulting page has a total of 20k likes. As a result, this page can be joined with a sheet that has 20k likes, and so on.

Method 2: Make a request for a Facebook page that has a merge error.
The next method is quite effective at erasing the error “Pages can’t be combined.” As a result, it is a high-end procedure.

Case 4:-

Step To Merge Big Facebook Page Into Small Page?

If you wish to merge a page with more likes into a page with less or no likes. Then there’s no need to go any further than the provided Facebook request form.

Finally, we hope that this simple instruction on how to merge Facebook pages has been helpful. We make every effort to explain the procedures and methods for joining Facebook pages. Please feel free to contact us in the comments section below if you require any assistance or have any questions.

If I have more than one Facebook account, can I merge them?

fb account

Source of Info Since it goes against our Community Standards to maintain more than one personal account, we don’t have a way to merge multiple accounts. However, you can manually switch to one account and keep the information that’s important to you.

It is against Facebook’s Privacy but still, you can try the below step for a successful account merge trick for two or more accounts:-

  • Change the account’s name and double-check that both accounts have the same name.
  • Turn both the profile and the page into a page now.
  • Now, combine the two pages.

All of your friends from both accounts will be added to the consolidated page.
That is all there is to it. As of now, Facebook does not allow you to return it to your profile, so enjoy the benefits of the page and thank me later.


The Pros of Merging Your Facebook Page and Place.

  1. Consistency: Combining your online presence on Facebook has the main advantage of creating a single destination for your clients to interact with your company and obtain information. Having your contact information, location, promotions, updates, images, events, and more all on one page provides a convenient way for any current or potential customer to stay up to speed on what’s going on at your business.
  2. Convenience: Going hand in hand with consistency, the fact that your complete brand is in one place on Facebook makes updating and maintaining your brand as the owner of your business a breeze. After a merge, you’ll only have to update your customer base through one Facebook channel, allowing for a seamless connection between your company’s online presence and reallocation. Additionally, there’s no need to worry about consistency between a Page and a Place anytime your brand needs to update your profile, making updating information simple and easy.
  3. Small Business Appearance: Another benefit of the merger is that it combines the design of a Fan Page and a Places Page, which is especially useful for businesses with only one physical location. A little map of your business’s physical location, for example, appears at the top of your newly merged page, providing consumers with a quick and easy idea of how to get to where you’re located. In addition, your address, phone number, website, and hours are now prominently displayed at the top of the page. This is ideal for a small business that wants to bring customers to a physical location, such as a coffee shop or a shoe store.

The Cons of Merging Your Facebook Page and Place:-

  1. Appearance for Medium to Large Firms: While the appearance of this amalgamated page is not in any way unattractive, it does have a disadvantage for most businesses. It is not suggested that you consolidate your Facebook presence if you are a significant business owner, especially if you have multiple locations. The map at the top of the page takes over the look of the combined page, changing the look of a Fan page that people have grown to know and love. Due to the nature of their industry, most businesses do not make sense to merge.
  2. Inability to Reverse a Merge: One of the most significant flaws with the new merge feature is that there is currently no way to undo it once it has been applied. This is difficult to cope with because your market and product are always changing as a business, especially online. As a result, not being able to change a component of your brand might be frustrating and, in the end, problematic for your company’s changing status.
  3. Confusion: It appears like Facebook is still working on the Places function and hasn’t finished integrating Pages and Places. They will, in my opinion, strive to address the aforementioned issues in the near future. It’s rare for the social media behemoth to offer something that isn’t entirely functional and user-friendly, but Facebook, like any other business, is always evolving. What will you do till the confusion subsides? Will you merge your Facebook accounts or keep them separate?

Why more than one Facebook account, can not be merged by directly?

Only pages, not accounts, may be combined, which is a pain when you have good reworkable content on both.

It would be fascinating to observe how many users have several accounts and whether this would put enough pressure on Facebook to merge them.

Especially with the number of mostly guys I see who use two or more separate cellphones, ostensibly to distinguish between work and home. Why doesn’t Facebook do something similar to distinguish between a “family/personal” and a “professional” account?

Maybe then the “groups” feature may be removed or changed, because I still don’t think it’s acceptable that someone can put you in groups without your permission.

These pages can’t be merged because there is already a pending request to merge:-

Many People on Facebook Community have the same issue like:-

Hello, I had this issue recently while trying to merge multiple pages. If you have changed any of the Facebook page names it won’t let you merge them for a week – during this time it comes up with the “already pending” error instead of saying to wait for the name change.

Solution:- This error is from Facebook’s side you have nothing to do with, these are the pending requests that are neither accepted nor rejected by Facebook.

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